Nutrition Q&A with Renee

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • Attempted a 24hr race, had digestion issues and couldn't eat why would this happen? (00:01)
  • I am in my mid 40's what can I do with nutrition to support my body? (08:05)
  • What supplements should I take if any? (14:05)
  • What is the perfect post run food? (23:37)
  • I can't tolerate fructose is there a better combination or fructose/glucose that I could take? (25:25)
  • Why do my hands swell when I run (27:30)
  • After a big challenge I had cramps, lack of sleep etc. could my hormones be out of whack? (28:30)
  • I am doing a 24hr race as a team of three in a relay, how do I fuel this? (31:25)
  • Should I drink electrolytes or is water fine? (33:15)
  • I got a sore mouth in a 100 miler, then couldn't eat how can I fix this?(35:50)
  • How do I fuel before and during marathon runs? (36:11)
  • Should I carb load in the lead up to a race? (37:40)
  • Should I have breakfast before I run? (39:30)
  • Tips on running far and eating (41:30)
  • Can you have too much peanut butter? (44:35)