Q&A with Audrey and Peter April 2021

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • What do you eat on long runs it feels like all I do is eat (1:26)
  • When should I do S&C in my week (5:10)
  • How do you adjust your eating when tapering (7:50)
  • Tips for blister management (9:50)
  • If I don't have enough times to do all my runs what ones should I do (11:40)
  • How do you take salt in hot weather races (14:50)
  • How do you improve speed for a 50 miler/100 miler (19:20)
  • Tips for downhill running (21:35)
  • How many ultras do you do a year and how do you space them out (24:30)
  • Top tips first ultra (28:01)
  • Which HOKA shoes are you wearing for your ultra and which ones do you use for recovery (31:00)
  • Pre race meals (33:20)
  • Bucket list race (35:55)
  • Super sore piriformis (38:00)
  • Do you have and pre race superstitions (41:30)
  • What is your post race recovery like (42:35)