Q&A October 2021

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • What pace should I do a multi day race at? (00:00:22)
  • Should I walk up the hills in an ultra? (01:00)
  • If I see someone else walking in a race should I walk too? (2:43)
  • Should I take a spare pair of shoes to an Ultra X event? (4:18)
  • How do I get faster at Park Run? (7:02)
  • How do you plan a training programme? (17:05)
  • How should you taper for a race? (18:55)
  • How should I prepare for an Ironman? (23:38)
  • How long should I train for a race for? (24:44)
  • Is there a best order to train for a triathlon? (28:55)