S&C June 2024 Week 4

S&C June 2024 Week 4

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Full Body Circuit: Focusing on VMO, Core, Arms and Hamstring strength


  • A chair/box
  • Weight - dumbbells would be great you can also use a barbell and/or a kettlebell
  • A resistance band (optional)
  • A Wall
  • Something to squeeze between your knees e.g. ball, pillow, block
  • Sliders or a cereal box shiny side down (I will show you how to do this exercise if you can't slide)

Exercises: 3 x 60 secs on 10 secs off (unless otherwise stated)

  • Single leg squat to chair
  • VMO Squeezes
  • Step Ups
  • BOR
  • Reverse lunge and twist
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Hammy slides/walk outs
  • Single leg jumps/high knees (8 each leg)