I spent the next four days running along the most beautiful coastal paths with amazing views of the ocean. For 100km of the Great Ocean Road you can get on a footpath. This footpath is only accessible at a few spots and as I was there out of the tourist season I was the only person on the trail which was amazing. Well actually I wasn’t the only one as kangaroos kept jumping out the bushes and scaring the shit out of me! By the end of the four days my feet were swollen and my legs were battered but I had had an awesome adventure so it was totally worth it!

I got a phone call from Morgs and Rob, the dream team behind the film Tired But Strong and was asked if I would like to go to Australia for a bit of a running adventure. Ummm hell yeah I thought! The only thing was I had to go there in two weeks and figure out something to do! I started to look at some maps and with some help from my Australian buddy Kieran we came up with the idea to run the Great Ocean Road!

The total distance was about 240km (according to Google maps) so I divided the distance by four and came up with the magic number of running 60km a day for four days. Boom! That was pretty much the extent of my preparation and planning. After my thorough planning I hopped on a plane bound for Melbourne for an Australian Adventure!

carla molinaro great ocean run


Total Distance: 258.70km

Total Moving Time: 33hrs 7 mins

Total Time: 3 days 10 hours 28 minutes and 30 seconds

Calories used: 17,575

Elevation: 4263m