Nutrition Q&A with Liam

Nutrition Q&A with Liam

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • What are the key nutrition mistakes with runners? )3:30)
  • Not getting enough calories overall (5:16)
  • Fuelling for sessions (6:50)
  • Hydrating for running (9:50)
  • Supplement advice (12:45)
  • I did an ultra and found that I have had a huge appetite since and can't stop snacking. Any advice how to stop this habit? (14:30)
  • I have a dodgy stomach when I am racing what can I do? (18:00)
  • I did my first long ultra, 50miles a few days ago. We were reminded to hydrate with electrolytes afterwards. I usually do this but wondering how do balance hydrating with enough electrolytes and overdoing it? (24:10)
  • What foods should I put at an aid station that I am marshalling? (27:16)
  • I have been a vegan for over 25 years, I take an iron supplement daily but have recently been diagnosed with extremely low Iron levels. What effect could this be having or may have on my training and what can I be doing to help my body absorb iron?
  • Are nutritional requirements different in peri menopause and menopause - I have read that there is a higher protein need for example and also that there may be an increased sensitivity to processed sugars? (34:10)
  • How much carb/protein/fat do you recommend in prep for a marathon or ultra. In my case, 100 miles? What are good sources, and any tips for hitting those numbers? (38:30)
  • Can you recommend a recipe to make your own sports drink for longer runs? As an alternative to big brands that can be very expensive or taste way too sweet for me. (47:10)
  • I'm trying to gain a few pounds in weight. I'm a keen runner and cyclist and recently I have been tracking my calories and because of my outdoor walking job I find most days I am around 1000 calories under what I need. Any ideas on how I could take them on board in a healthy way? (50:33)
  • I have been training with Tailwind, OTE 40g gels and Energy bars and pushing my carb intake up to over 80g an hour. It hasn’t gone so well as I started to get dramatic GI issues after about 15 miles of running.  So last week I ditched the OTE gels and reduced the strength of my Tailwind and all was fine.  I’ve just ordered some Protein Rebel Gels to try. But I am two weeks away from the UTS 50k and it feels a little late to be playing around with new fuelling. Can you also talk a bit more about low fibre leading into a race, how long you do it for, and what impact it has? (53:20)