Physio Q&A with Parys (12 Apr 23)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I have a pain in my quad that feels like a dead leg. What could this be? (00:00)
  • I have an adductor tendinopathy and haven't run for 5 months, how do I start again? (6:40)
  • I have a pain in my foot when I push off is it my Achilles or calf causing this? (16:30)
  • Should I be using heavier weights in S&C to account for Menopause? (22:55)
  • My Achilles seems to flare up in the cold, is there anything else that can cause this? (30:05)
  • I have a recurring niggle in my foot where it meet say shin, what can I do? (43:53)
  • I had an upper hamstring tendinopathy about a year ago which seemed to go away. However this past few months it has been flaring up again with any glute exercises at all, but particularly badly with hip raises and band work- enough that I feel like I shouldn't run for a few days. My glutes have now become very weak as I am not really able to train them. Any advice on how to strengthen? (50:15)
  • I have just developed a random pain on the outer part of my ankle/lower leg after my run yesterday. I cant remember rolling or twisting my ankle. It hurts when I move my foot from side to side and when flexing. Could it be a tendon issue and what is the best way to manage it? (52:30)
  • What are good stretches for people who sit a lot at work? Hip flexors? Do you have any advice for people with lateral pelvic tilt? (55:15)
  • I am a few weeks into recovering from a ruptured achilles, it is being managed conservatively. I am so worried about deconditioning whilst I am in a boot & crutches. What can I be doing over the next couple months to keep up my strength and fitness? (59:00)
  • I have a ganglion in my wrist. It’s about the size of a marble, and it’s not painful but it aches when my hand is flexed. I’m finding exercises when I have to put weight on my wrist can hurt (eg planks, push-ups etc). Are there any alternatives/modifications that I could do until it disappears? (1:02:00)
  • I have recently felt tightness in my left glute.  It is worse when I start running then eases off (although can still feel it).  I also recently noticed that my kness have started knocking together when I run.  Can you recommend any exercises for me? (1:03:20)