Physio Q&A with Parys (14 Feb 24)

Physio Q&A with Parys (14 Feb 24)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I have had a high hamstring tendonopathy and when ever I add speed in it get's worse. What can I do? (00:00)
  • I have a TFL tendonopathy that is getting worse and I have a marathon in a few months. How can I make it better? (09:00)
  • My quad tendon is painful after some hilly runs. I don't have full flexibility in my knee and it is quite sore. What should I do? (18:30)
  • I have a pain in my right hip joint that is uncomfortable when I run and seizes up after. What can I do and can I race 100km next week? (25:30)
  • Pain in my left knee and into my quad that won't settle, it is feeling very nervy. (39:30)
  • I DNFed a recent race due to sore lower calf and it was getting worse during the race. I'm pretty fit and next race is marathon in mid March. What's the best rehab to do to maximise my chances of doing the marathon? (49:50)
  • What is the value is sports massage? Surely using a ball or roller is similar? Are there added benefits to massage? (52:30)

  • I was diagnosed with a very mild Grade 1 calf tear 3 weeks ago, caused by doing plyometric exercises in the gym (I was hopping on the affected leg).  was given calf raise exercises to do which have helped. However having had achilles issues in the past, I've actually always been very diligent at making sure I do heavily weighted calf raises so I was a bit surprised to have experienced this calf tear. Is there any other exercises I should be doing to avoid any further calf problems in the future or is it just a case of being more cautious with plyometric exercises? (55:00)
  • I have been diagnosed with plantar plate rupture and just waiting for X-ray to confirm if Doctors theory I have osteoarthritis of the hip is correct. I assume with both of these the chance of getting back to running is slim but would appreciate Parys thoughts. I am 64 but was hoping to keep at it a bit longer! (57:40)
  • I  keep getting a snapping noise on my right hip, no pain just sounds like something is catching and from what I've read it sounds like it's External SHS and my IT band is tight and trouble sliding over the femur. What stretches can I do to release this? and what strength exercises can I do to prevent it happening? Anything I should avoid doing? (1:00:15)