Physio Q&A with Parys (22 Mar 23)

Physio Q&A with Parys (22 Mar 23)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I keep get a flare up in the nerve in my back, how can I stop this happening? (00:00)
  • I had a crunch in my knee when I was cycling that was sore initially then eased off. Is there something building up in the knee that causes this? (9:00)
  • I have a bursa in my knee that swells up but I can manage it. Is there anything else I can do? (12:00)
  • Had minor right hamstring strain for 2-3 months now. Trying to rest it as much as possible and only been running short distances infrequently. But can’t get rid of it and keep tweaking it again and again. Feel like it might be connected to very tight lower back. Have changed desk at work and worked on posture but still feeling it. I am also getting a dull ache in ball of right foot. Not painful but a persistent thing. Feel like it would get progressively worse if I run a longer distance. (17:30)
  • I have inflamed tendons on my sit bone, causing discomfort and a 'light shock' sensation pain occassionally while running in my hamstring. I have a 200 mile race on the 5th April. Should I completely rest up now ahead of this and forego any running? Is there anything else I can try to help alleviate the issue ahead of the race? (21:15)
  • The toe next to my big toe is causing me some pain, and making the sole of my foot quite tender and very tender at times. Is this a form of PF and what's the best way to treat it? (26:10)
  • I am coming back from a calf strain after a marathon and nervous about doing too much too soon as I know calfs can be tricky to recover/rehab. D you have any advice on return to running once pain has gone? (29:25)
  • I currently have a tight lumpy bit in my calf. I can run ok, but it is tender to massage and there is a clear big knot that I can feel! Can you provide any guidance on when running is definitely not a good idea, and advice for treatment? (32:20)
  • After my last long run, I had really tight shoulders - which I've not had before. I have been under quite a lot of stress so I don't know whether it was that. I used a theragun on the knots since the run which has sorted it out since but took a few days. I wondered whether there is anything I can do prior to a run/daily, that might be preventative and afterwards to stretch it out? (34:20)
  • In the last year I have had problems on the top of my feet, with repeated niggles of extensor tendonitis especially after longer runs. The top of the foot is so hard, bony, and complex, I am not sure what to do with it! Can you talk through the best treatments and exercises for this. Is there regular exercises to build into my routine to reduce the risk of recurrence…or is it more likely that I need to just change my shoes? (37:50)

  • I’ve had bilateral neuroma surgery a couple of years ago. It never really made a difference. I’m currently waiting on a referral to a consultant. I can manage to run for 40 mins before the pain gets too much. Any suggestions to get me to the end of the London Marathon in a few weeks time? (41:00)
  • I was intermittently getting shooting, electric nerve pain in my left ankle which has seemed to stop. Since it has stopped, I've had a deep pain in my left glute when I run. I've been to a physio who has tried stretching it and massage but that hasn't made any difference. It feels like it might actually be a back issue - would that be a possibility? (44:35)
  • I'm getting discomfort in what mainly feels like my groin or upper/inner thigh area on the right side. It's most noticeable when standing on my right leg or when crossing this leg over. Could this indicate it might be something other than my hip? (48:00)