Physio Q&A with Parys (25 Jan 23)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • Towards the end of my run the bottom of my shin hurts. Do I need to strengthen or stretch to fix this? (00:20)
  • My hip has flared up and I can't run because it is too sore. Should I get an MRI? (6:10)
  • My lower back gets tight when I do ultras, what is this from? (16:17)
  • My left knee hyper extends. Would strapping be a good option for this? (19:30)
  • I had issues with plantar fasciitis, which has been ongoing for a long time on and off. I recently had what I thought was a bit of a flare up and went on an interval session and then couldn’t walk properly the next day. My physio thinks the issue is with my ankles. Do you think it is tibial or something else in the able? Should I keep running steady? (22:30)
  • I currently have Plantar Fasciitis. I’m doing the exercises, stretches etc and overall improving but noticing worse if walk any distance in shoes which aren’t my trainers. Parys mentioned something about shoes but what in particular should I do with my usual shoes. Is it just about inserting some supports? Also when doing S and C I noticed my left hamstring and glutes are a lot weaker than the right, could this be a cause? (26:35)
  • Do you have any exercises to do to strengthen weak ankles. After long runs I tend to normally get aches in my ankles. Just wondering if there’s things I could do to stop this? (28:55)
  • I’m struggling to get all my miles in as I have been getting shin splints and really tight or painful hip flexors. Even with the yoga and strength and conditioning I’m really struggling with it. How do you best recommended runners to deal with this? (30:45)
  • When I kneel down and curl my toes under (rather than keep them pointed down), I often get a sudden, painful spasm in the arch area of one of my feet. Any ideas why this might be happening and what I could be doing to prevent this from happening? (32:45)