Physio Q&A with Parys 26 January 2022

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • Tear in my fascia in my quad (00:00:22)
  • Hip issue with flexor and hip and moves between right to left hip and it’s a nerve pain, what could it be? (00:07:15)
  • Ongoing achilles issues for a couple of years is a shoe with a lower/higher heel drop better? (00:15:29)
  • Knee pain whilst running and after my long runs and I have a race in 5 weeks, what can I do? (00:20:56)
  • Sciatic pain down back of leg and into my toe (00:26:45)
  • Hip is sore and can’t do anything to shake it off and I can still run (00:35:00)
  • Sharp pain on the inside of my knee when moving over my foot (00:31:00)
  • Pain in the front of my shins on and off, only whilst running and it doesn't last the whole run. If it’s not shin splints (which it doesn't seem to be as the pain isn't that bad, it's more of a niggle), any suggestions of what it may be and how to fix it? (00:41:45)
  • How to increase your running without irritating your shin splints (00:45:05)
  • I have some discomfort while running and after prolonged sitting. It’s located inside my ankle - half way between medial malleolus and heel. I also get some throbbing either side of my big toe. I presumed it was Flexor hallucis longus tendon and have used a resistance band for flexion exercises but it’s not really improving. What can I do? 00:47:35)
  • Pain below patella on inside of knee. Gets very stiff and unable to fully bend (00:50:30)
  • After running for some time 15-30mins, I’ve started getting pain on the inside of my knee which happened when landing or as I start to bend my knee after landing on that foot. It feels as though there’s a risk my knee might give way, but it hasn’t done that so far. What could it be? (00:54:19)
  • Is it normal to have one calf weaker than the other in calf raises? (00:58:00)
  • After a run I get a prolonged ache that runs along a u-shape from the inner hip-top of hip-lower back. I am diligent about pre/post stretching, foam rolling, and try to move about during the day but can't seem to keep up with this hip tightness. Any suggestions? (00:59:50)
  • I have a persistent niggle deep in my right glute, think it's piriformis. I've had it before! It's ok when actually running and more sore at night/ when I get up, sometimes a bit sciatica ish down my leg. What can I do to help it? (1:02:20)
  • Is the only way to see damaged cartilage with a scan? (1:04:00)