Physio Q&A with Parys (28 June 23)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I have a  50km in a week and starting to feel it in my knees. They are getting a bit of swelling on them. How can I deal with this before and after the race? (00:15)
  • I am getting a pain in the side of my hip in my TFL. It is stiff and won't go away, what can I do? (7:15)
  • What's the best way to deal with achilles niggles? Mine tend to come on as I add extra elevation. I do do calf raises and drops, any other tips? (24:00)
  • I currently do all calf strengthening exercises as part of rehab (2x per week), but have recently been experiencing some mild achilles pain near the heel. Is there anything I can do that would help alleviate this or is giving calf exercises a rest for a while, the best way forward? Are there any exercises I could be doing that help strengthen the achilles (in isolation to the calf?)? (29:15)
  • I've got some pain in the left side of my hip, around the TFL area. It's been around for quite a few weeks and does get a bit better but then starts to get sore again if I run on it a lot or spend more time sitting down. Do you have any good stretches for this area? (31:30)
  • I sprained my ankle a few days ago and have been doing all the rehab, when should I stop using KT tape and when roughly is it safe to start a bit of speed work? (34:00)
  • I struggle with tired and tight hamstrings that never feel concerning but more niggles and they disappear longer into runs. Any suggestions on what I can introduce to the warm up or cool down stretching? (38:05)
  • I'm about 6 weeks away from running my first marathon. Training has been going OK but I've started to get a niggle in my right calf. What should I prioritise over the next few weeks to make sure I get to the big day without injuries? (42:10)
  • I have had pain in my hip flexors on and off for the last couple of years. When I lived in the UK, I used to have fairly regular sports massages on my glutes and legs and that along with a daily hip flexor stretch would ease the pain. However, it was only a temporary ease of pain and always came back. I'm wondering if you could recommend any specific  stretches or strength work to shift this pain on a permanent basis? (46:30)
  • I'm 12 weeks post stress fracture in hip. How long till I can start running again? (50:05)
  • After a 10mile run 2 weeks ago my knee has been very painful to go up & down stairs, I have a sharp stabbing pain under my right kneecap. Are there exercises I can do to help? (53:00)
  • I think I have shin splits but my osteo says it's due to my running style. Can you help? (56:10)