Physio Q&A with Parys (30 Nov 22)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I have a potential stress fracture in my hip and now my heel is hurting, what can I do? (00:00)
  • I have a pain in the side of my hip that is very uncomfortable and stiff especially when sitting. (08:30)
  • Behind my knee at the bottom of my hamstring is painful in a crossed leg position (16:00)
  • I have a niggle in my glute at the top gf my hamstring which is muscular and nervy (21:40)
  • I’ve been having some sciatica type pain at the top of my left hamstring/ bottom of my glute. My physiotherapist said that it was from a locked SI joint and did manual manipulation and acupuncture which initially gave a lot of relief. Any advice or stretches for how to keep the pain from reoccurring or do I need to get it regularly readjusted? (35:00)
  • My physio and some runner friends also recommended an acupressure mat, what are your thoughts? Can these be effective as part of recovery or are they a fad? (38:00)
  • I am getting a pain in ultra races under my ribcage, how can I stop this? (39:20)
  • What stretches or rehab do you advise for very tight ankles - when doing a side leg stretch for inner thigh, I can't put ankle / foot flat on the floor? (43:18)
  • I suffer with Plantar Fasciitis, and I am running my first ultra in May any recommendation as to how to resolve this? (45:30)
  • I've self diagnosed medial meniscus damage to right knee, tbc by GP, so running is off the radar. Is there a time scale for rehab and suggest exercises? (49:06)
  • I have seen a physio who believes it is a problem with the illiacus muscle and I also have a weakness/imbalance (same side) in my VMO. Is there any stretches or exercises you would recommend? (51:10)
  • I have a pain in my piriformis on my right side in my lower back and my right glute and front of right hip.  Any help would to fix this will be greatly appreciated. (53:30)
  • I have a clicking on my left foot just behind my ankle bone, is there anything I can do to get rid of this? (56:00)
  • I have an ongoing feeling like there’s a tight band around the top of my leg, the pain/discomfort is felt in the top of my hamstring, my hip and down the inside front of my thigh when I walk a fast pace or run. I’m continuing to run through it but don’t know whether I should be resting or stretching my hamstrings/adductors? (1:00:10)