Physio Q&A with Parys (6 July 22)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I have a pain in my femur but it is not a stress fracture what could it be? (00:00)
  • My ankle is hurting after a 100km on the tib post, what should I do? (07:15)
  • I have a pain in my ankle where post tib joins it and it hurts a bit on the bottom of my foot. (13:20)
  • I am getting a niggle in my Achilles and it's tender if I squeeze it. (20:30)
  • I have a deep pain in my glutes after long runs and a pain in my psoas if I cough or sneeze (28:20)
  • I strained my adductor, I’ve been resting for about 5days at a time then trying to run but it seems to restrain again. can I do S&C that uses my adductor?
  • I rolled my ankle about 5 weeks, rested it for a bit but now when I run have a pain in bottom of heel which is bearable when running but next day after run is really painful. Are there any exercises to help alleviate this issue? (40:50)
  • Initially I thought it was plantar fasciitis as the pain was on the bottom of my foot but I've now got pain on the top of my foot. Specifically it is along the top/outer edge of my foot and up to the ankle. What can I do? (43:30)
  • What’s the most effective way to recover from Achillies Tendinitis? (46:25)
  • Can you develop plantar Fasciitis out of the blue? If not can a tight calf be a cause pain in the centre of your foots Arch? It isnt stopping me from walking or running. But it is a little tender if I press on the area. (46:25)
  • I have been struggling recently with a soreness around the back of my right ankle, it’s quite tight / sore when I start running and then after I stop running. Can you suggest any stretches or suggestions to help me continue running? (52:15)
  • I have issues with a burning pain in the balls of my feet. I’m a fore foot striker. I’ve tried numerous different trainers and sock combinations but nothing seems to help. What can I do? (54:15)
  • Do you have any tips for a persistently sore and tight hamstring, one side, high, up into glute? (57:45)