Q&A February 2022

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • Biggest tip for multi-day racing? (2:04)
  • Would you suggest carrying water or relying on aid stations during a marathon? (4:25)
  • I am doing a hilly race in 7 weeks what training should I do in the next 6 weeks to get the biggest bang for my buck? (5:47)
  • I am getting DOMS after all of my runs what can I do? (7:30)
  • What should your arm drive look like when you are running? (12:00)
  • Can I drink too much in my ultras? (14:10)
  • I want to get into ultras how do I do that? (20:00)
  • I have ITB friction syndrome and I'm recovering from an op can I race in 6 weeks? (27:30)