Q&A June 2021

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I have a two races two weeks apart how should I tackle this? (00:00:15)
  • I am super inflexible, can I stretch too much? (5:19)
  • Mental strength during long runs and hard training blocks (7:20)
  • My races starts at 1am on a Saturday do you have any tips on how to manage this? (11:21)
  • I am doing the South West Coastal do you have any tips for multi-day running? (14:35)
  • Is an ice bath better than a hot bath? (17:55)
  • My feet are really blistered should I leave them or pop them? (18:50)
  • I have a race coming up and the training hasn't gone to plan how do I deal with this? (21:30)
  • I had a DNF and what I learnt from it (26:20)
  • How are we going to do the Mile an Hour challenge? (31:50)
  • What was your favourite part of The Lakes recce? (37:45)
  • Recovering after a 100km and prepping for a 24hr a week later (40:00)
  • Can I do the Mile an Hour event and then race 50km 10 days later? (44:25)
  • Can you do races as training runs? (46:30)