Running Hormones Dr Nicky Keay

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • My period fluctuates month to month from 23 - 30 days, should I be worried about this? (14:25)
  • I’m 54 and have only had two periods in the last two years, sometimes I find when I go running I could run all day but other times I have to really grit my teeth and get it done.
  • When is a good time to run on your 28 day cycle? (15:55)
  • Does using a contraceptive effect hormone secretion particularly the implant? (17:55)
  • What is the best contraceptive for runners? (19:40)
  • Is there a correlation between muscle soreness and hormones? (20:35)
  • I was 60 in February and have been through the menopause so my hormones are not what they were. How can I ensure my body is in the best health and position to get through the finishing line of a marathon? (22:00)
  • Would you recommend any blood monitoring regarding hormones for women with a
  • Mirena coil (causing amenorrhoea)? (23:34)
  • Premenstrual week. I’ve been tracking my cycle and training and the week before my period
  • I feel like a sloth running through treacle in wellies. Annoyingly this will now coincide with
  • Cardiff half where I had hoped to get a pb. Any tips on how to maximise my performance during this few days? (25:05)
  • Tips for peri menopause? My cycle is now quite erratic, anything from 3 weekly to 8 weekly and sometimes several months of usual monthly cycle. Length and heaviness of periods also very variable. So basically its all v unpredictable and so it's difficult to take my cycle into account in training as Im never sure what it is/ where I am in it. (27:35)
  • Can you get Forth tests outside the UK? I also have high FSH and low Fit D what can I do? (29:55)
  • My cycle is typically 45 - 57 days what could this be? (37:15)
  • Should I do the hormone mapping or female runner test? (41:37)
  • How do I monitor hormone fluctuations whilst in peri menopause and not having periods due to the coil? (44:59)
  • Is HRT the only solution to improving quality of training? (47:20)
  • Do you have any nutrition advice for female runners? (53:10)
  • Anything to help fatigue related to peri menopause? (57:35)
  • I have been on contraception a long time, my periods are erratic how can I manage this? (59:40)
  • Can you recommend an iron supplement? (1:05:35)