Running Shoe Q&A with Paul (7 Aug 23)

Running Shoe Q&A with Paul (7 Aug 23)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • After more than 10 attempts I got a London marathon place for 2024, a few months later I am running race to the stones. I usually run in brooks ghost for the road and cascadia for the trail. Neither are feeling great anymore. Any suggestions on what I can try - or is it time head to a running shop and get fitted out professionally? (1:40)
  • I was told to do half size up for trail shoes as feet expand in long runs, is this the case? (6:40)
  • I have wide feet and tie my laces differently to try and accommodate this on normal shoes for running. Any advice on this? (10:40) Running Lace Video
  • Any recommendations on the best socks and socks that help with boggy trail runs? (12:30)
  • What are the risks in moving from shoes that give some elevation to those that don't? E.g. Hoka to Altra? (13:30)
  • How many km or miles our shoes should cover before we replace? (18:15)
  • How fast should an athlete be before they think about trying a ‘super’ carbon plated shoe to increase running pace? (23:20)
  • Unfortunately I have developed plantar fasciitis at the moment so limited running. There seems mixed evidence on insole support for plantar fasciitis. What do you think about the best options for trail shoes and plantar fasciitis? Also barefoot brands seem to say it's good for plantar fasciitis but I'm not so sure? (30:20) PF article (bonus video coming soon)
  • So running mainly off road 3-4 times a week. Is there an advantage in rotating 2 pairs of same shoes versus using one till it’s reached max mileage? (42:10)
  • I’m currently running in Lone Peak 6 Ultra’s. I absolutely love the wide toe box but the zero drop and 25mm stack height is hard on my calfs. It feels like they are overstretching when running up hills. Can you suggest a trail shoe that also has a wide toe box but that is kinder on the calfs. (43:20)
  • I've been advised by my podiatrist to swap my Altras and zeros to more of a rocker shoe to support my arthritic big toes. I I am trying out new balance for road and The North Face for trail. Are there any other trainers you can suggest that would give more support / allow less movement for my toes? (47:00)

  • What are your favourite shoes for racing, road and trail? (50:40)