Running Technique Q&A with Becky

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • How can I stop myself running with my shoulders up round my ears?! It's really awkward and is causing me headaches after my run. (00:45)
  • When I start running the 1st 3/4 miles I really struggle with my breathing, basically feel like
  • I can’t run but then I get into it. Is there any tips for this or is this a normal thing? (5:00)
  • How can I improve my cadence? (19:10)
  • What can I do to stop hip dip? (22:35)
  • What is the relationship between cadence and speed? (27:40)
  • I keep getting tight ITB's could this be due to bad form? (32:50)
  • How can I improve my foot placement especially on the trails? (34:20)
  • What are your tips for running uphill? (37:45)
  • My quads hurt running downhill, how can I stop this? (42:00)