SCY Q&A 9 Nov 22

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • I have a niggle in my right glute, it eases off when I run and I don't really notice it. However, it is quite tight when sitting for any length of time and I get up. Should I rest, stretch or strengthen it? (00:30)
  • Using a heart rate monitor to judge effort of east runs (03:00)
  • I feel like I am getting slower, how can I get more speed? (05:30)
  • I don't have hills near me so how can I train for them? (12:10)
  • My HR is really high on easy runs, why is this? (17:20)
  • I am planning a 50 mile ultra on 24th June 2023 then hopefully another 50 mile ultra on 2nd September, both have a lot of elevation! I want to start my 'proper' training in January which will give me about 24 weeks before the first event, is it better to do two 12 week plans or a 24 week plan? (28:35)
  • I had to stop running for a while and lost fitness, how long to get it back? (32:43)
  • I’m doing the two S&C sessions a week does it matter what month I do for the 2nd session. Should I be making sure it’s a different focus area? (39:00)
  • Should I do Brighton marathon in April and a trail ultra in July? (40:30)