Shoe Q&A with Paul Freary

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • Is there any difference in drop to consider while selecting trail vs. road running shoes? (06:20)
  • What things have to be considered while selecting shoe with specific drop? Anything particular to bear in mind if I’m mid-foot striker without any particular injuries. (08:27)
  • Is it possible for your gait to change depending on the length of your run? I can get really quite achey feet, and I wondered if this is a sign that my neutral shoes just aren't supportive enough when my feet get tired and my form changes? Is it possible that I need neutral shoes for short runs but more support for long runs? (09:50)
  • I over pronate and would like to know which trail shoes would you recommend that also have a bit of cushioning for the long trails? (11:00)
  • Any shoe recommendations for narrow heels and wide feet? (16:45)
  • Which carbon plated race shoes are best for wide feet? (18:45)
  • What is the fastest carbon shoe? (21:42)
  • I get a pain in my foot and I am a forefoot striker, what can I do? (21:15)
  • Is it important to wear different shoes for different runs? (23:30)
  • Is there a better shoe for tight calfs? (24:50)
  • How can I lace my shoes? -> watch this video
  • Why am I getting pins and needles in my foot? (29:40)
  • Best shoes for over pronation? (30:40)
  • Best shoes for wide feet? (31:10)
  • Mens v's women shoes what is the difference? (32:50)
  • Does the new variation of a shoe change the shoe e.g. Clifton 7 to Clifton 8? (33:40)
  • Recommendation for tempo/speed shoes if I overpronate? (37:00)
  • I am getting a sore big toe what can help? (38:40)
  • Would you wear carbon shoes for a 100km race? (39:40)
  • What milage can you get out of a carbon shoe? (40:45)
  • What should I do with my old shoes? (45:30)
  • My 2nd toe is hitting the end of my shoe, what can I do? (47:20)