Sports Science Q&A with Esther (15 Mar 23)

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Topics Covered (time in video in brackets):

  • Why do my hands get swollen on runs? (00:30)
  • I am interested to know about fitness tests for running and also how to test VO2 and lactate? (3:15)
  • How do you calculate VO2 without a lab? (4:50)
  • What is the accuracy of wrist based heart rate? (6:59)
  • How accurate is the data on a watch? (11:00)
  • Is there a difference in performance measures for men and women? (9:10)
  • I have read that ladies should lift heavier weights as they get older, to counteract the osteoporotic effects of the menopause. I’m not menopausal yet, but I’m mid-40s with a family history of osteoporosis and fracture. I take extra vitamin D on the advice of Forth Edge. Should I increase the weight? (15:42)
  • What is HRV and what is the best way to measure it? (18:45)
  • What is VO2 Kinetics and how long should I warm up before a race? (24:50)
  • I can't give blood because my iron is too low. Is there anything to do to help this? (30:30)
  • What are your thoughts on nasal breathing? (31:30)
  • Is there  difference in fuelling for men and women? (40:30)
  • I have taken the pill for years but recently stopped and see a change in performance does this happen? (43:20)
  • What are other contraceptives athletes can take that are low or non hormonal? (45:00)
  • Can HRT impact performance? (48:30)